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The Fire Prevention Specialists Want To Protect You

Providing FireWise Community Services with Certified FireWise Assessments, Planning and Mitigation.

It is a proven fact that a FireWise Community saves life and property. A home that has been prepared for a wildfire has a greater chance of survival than a home that has been neglected.

However, a FireWise Community does not pop up over night.

A FireWise Community requires "Buy In" from the neighbors. A FireWise Community takes a "Group Effort" to be effective.  

Be rest assured, the Fire Prevention Specialists are here to help. We've seen every fire disaster imaginable, and all across this great Country. We can help you survive the inevitable . . . a wildfire in your commuity. 

Let us guide you through YOUR unique fuel reduction projects. Let us help you create a defensible space plan that will work in YOUR FireWise Community for years to come.

The Fire Prevention Specialists are now serving communities in Santa Cruz and Cochise Counties.

Save Property. Save Lives. Get FireWise TODAY! 

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