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About Us

As a third generation Chicago Firefighter, Michael McGuire has worked as an emergency responder for over thirty years. He has been active in the national wildland fire response program since 2002.

Mike has authored numerous Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP) and Firewise Plans in various communities throughout the country. And he is a nationally certified Division Supervisor, and an all-hazards/ all-emergency Operation Section Chief.

Mike was trained as a FireWise Assessor and Planner through University of Arizona and Texas A&M FireWise Programs.

Daniel McGuire transferred over from the private sector into the world of Emergency Response in 2016. Working with a national non-for-profit incident management company based in Texas, over the years Dan has been on countless national disaster assignments. For example, during the COVID 19 pandemic response, Dan worked at ground zero for over two years. He currently holds the rank of all-hazards/ all-emergency Operation Section Chief.

Together, Mike and Dan McGuire bring over fifty years of disaster response experience to the table. They have been at ground zero - over and over again. Quite frankly, they have seen it all.

Now, they want to help YOU survive the inevitable . . . a Wildland Fire in your Community.

Mike and Dan McGuire are eager to help. Reach out and say hello. 

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