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Goat Herds

Grazing Prevents Blazing

There are situations where only a Goat herd will do! And like the old adage goes, Grazing Prevents Blazing.
Sometimes we encounter topography that is too steep for our machines. During the fire season, we sideline our equipment to avoid an accidental fire.
In those cases, where our machines cannot safely perform the task, we employ our goat herd instead. 
Easy to position and even easier to monitor, our Goat herds are extremely productive in the field. When properly monitored, overgrazing is non-existent. Talk about a passive but productive approach to fuel reduction, you just can't beat a herd of hungry Goats.

GOATS! Doing the work when our equipment can't.


Our Goat Herders are on site to monitor productivity and prevent overgrazing.


It does not matter how dense the fuel load, it's no match for a herd of hungry Goats and Sheep.

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